Known Bugs

New features for V2.1 to V2.0

Current Developments

At the time I'm about to improve the ARexx-port. One day it will be possible to combine Vtt with other Titlers that are capable of executing ARexx-Scripts. If you have, for example a software for subtitling of films and afterwards you need an end title, the combination with Vtt would be just the thing for you.

Future Developments

Currently I haven't very much time left for coding. I've got lots of ideas left, but since there's no further development for the Amiga-Customchips, I don't think it's a good idea to spend lots of time on some highly AGA-dependant code that will be of no use with new Amigas coming out, that don't support the Amiga custom chips any more. Furthermore I've been asked to turn Vtt into a teleprompting system. Anybody else there who's interested in this?

Ordering information

You'll reach me fastest by e-mail or at my mail address here in Erlangen, Germany. (See other pages for correct address).
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Andreas Ackermann, 30.01.98